• The repackaged version of I’M Fine single use camera, preloaded with a film in warm tones

  • Allows users to record the current emotions with the most user-friendly single use film camera

  • Meticulously designed packaging and details

  • At your own risk, you can reload film


The repackaged version of I’M Fine single use camera, preloaded with film in warm tones

NINM Lab launched I’M Fine, a single use camera, last November. Through an easy-to-use film camera, users can record the emotions in the moment. 


In the short span of a year, we have received the support and trust of well-known individuals and companies from different countries. We have collaborated with Russian Red, Spanish singer; Hong Kong’s Storerooms X TAKERU MACHIDA, Japanese artist; Taiwanese Eslite Bookstore X SOU, trendy brand of Kyoto. We will reveal more unexpected collaborations with SOU, European film company KONO!, and influential local cartoonist Little Thunder.


With users’ enthusiastic support, the first generation of I’M Fine single use film camera preloaded with Fujifilm has been sold out and will no longer be in production. A repackaged second generation of I’M Fine single use film camera is preloaded with a new film of warm tones. Users can continue to record current mood and thoughts through the simplest and most direct single use camera with 36 pictures.


Every time the shutter clicks, it is filled with the heart’s warmth. The most important is immortalizing your emotions in the moment regardless of skill or equipment.


Allows users to record the current emotions with the most user-friendly single use film camera


“I’M Fine.” This is an answer that can hide different emotions. When you give this answer, are you really fine? Or are you hiding? Some emotions cannot be easily expressed, so let photos capture the mood of the moment.


In moments when you are good, happy, traveling, at a party, or with friends, you should capture these wonderful memories. In times when you are tired and reminisce, you can have the motivation to move forward.


Meticulously designed packaging and details

In addition to functioning as a camera, I’M Fine brings users an aesthetic and neat design. With a new type of film, the body of the camera also matches the characteristics of the film. The body has a pink to light blue gradient. The color change is inspired by a circular switch that slides, like the ups and downs of emotions, as well as changes in people’s thoughts.


A space on the back of the box was especially designed for messages, as a place to express your thoughts and send your blessings. Handwriting birthday wishes of warmth for a friend is more beautiful than sending a message on phone.


The details of the camera are meticulously designed. The camera shutter is named as “Freeze a moment”, remaining film count as “Remaining moment(s)”, and the camera flash as “Spark”.


I’M Fine is not only a disposable camera. It can be decor on your table, part of your accessories, a prop in photos, a convenient necessity, and a must-have to record your life.


At your own risk, reload new film

The camera is preloaded with Kodak Color Plus 200 color negative film of warm tones which are popular among young users, in coordination with the main color tone of the camera’s appearance. At the same time, another meaning of I’M Fine is ‘meticulousness’. Compared with single use cameras on the market that mainly use ISO 400-1600 high speed film, ISO 200 Kodak Color Plus 200 color negative film brings users more detailed images.


Experienced users can buy additional 35mm films to reload in the camera after the preloaded Kodak Color Plus 200 film is used up in order to continue using I’M Fine.


The camera has a built-in flash (distance: 1-3 meters) that utilizes ISO 200 film. Therefore, the user can capture outstanding photographs in various environments, be it indoors or outdoors.



  • Loaded with Kodak Color Plus 200 color negative film
  • Exposure : 36
  • ISO 200
  • 3m Flash
  • C-41 process
  • 1 AA battery required(included)

I'M Fine Single Use Camera (New Regular Edition)

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