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  • Two new hand-made special negative films that allow users to capture different moods

  • In collaboration with the European company KONO! Film, hand-made film with warmth

  • Design inspired by the sun and the moon, extending the beauty and simplistic style of I’M Fine

  • Reload new films at your own discretion


Two new hand-made special negative films that allow users to capture different moods


NINM Lab released I’M Fine, a single use camera, last November. Through an easy-to-use film camera, users can record their emotions in the moment. Two new KONO! hand-made  special negative films, SUNSTROKE and MOONSTRUCK, bring uniquely different effects to let users capture different moods.


The SUNSTROKE version produces a red light leak effect, as if exposed under sunlight accidentally. It brings a playful feeling while retaining the characteristics of films creating surprises in every picture taken in the beginning of summer. On the contrary, the MOONSTRUCK version creates a blue romantic feeling under moonlight. The nostalgic and unique blue-yellow hues blur the moonlight, freeing the imagination.


No matter if you are reveling in summer days or spending time alone, the most simple and direct single use camera can record your complex thoughts on 24 sheets of film. Every time when the shutter is clicked, it is filled with the heart’s warmth. What matters most is condensing the mood of the moment regardless of your skills or equipment.


Limited supply of 500 units worldwide per version.


In collaboration with the Europea company KONO! Film, hand-made film with warmth


SUNSTROKE and MOONSTRUCK are two hand-made films by the Europea company KONO!. KONO! is led by the film expert Uwe Mimoun. Uwe has a wealth of experience in film production and has worked with world-renowned film companies. He recently worked with Supersense to relaunch the peel-apart film.


Uwe also worked in the movie production industry and is an expert at using different colors to match the ambience of a movie. He produced a different kind of KONO! film based on this concept. Hand-made using special materials, each kind of KONO! film is designed thoughtfully and filled with warmth.


Design inspired by the sun and the moon, extending the beauty and simplistic style of I’M Fine


NINM Lab continuously focuses on the beauty and simplistic style of designs, and this collaboration with KONO! is no exception. The SUNSTROKE version uses the redness of the sun as the main theme, which displays the sunlight as it shines upon the land. The MOONSTRUCK version uses blueness of the moon as the main theme, which displays the reflection in the water of a crescent moon hanging in the sky.


The details of the camera are meticulously designed. The camera shutter is renamed as “Freeze a moment”, remaining film count as “Remaining moment(s)”, and the camera flash as “Spark”.


Not only is I’M Fine a single use camera, it can also become a table decor, part of your accessories, a prop in photos, something you can’t go without, and a must-have item to record your life.


Reload new films at your own discretion


An experienced user can buy additional 35mm films and reload the camera after the preloaded KONO! film is finished, in order to continue capturing your daily life with I’M Fine. (No warranty for reload)


The camera has built-in flash (distance: 1-3 meters) that utilizes ISO 200 film. Therefore, users can capture outstanding photographs no matter if it is cloudy, indoors, or at a music concert.


*Limited supply of 500 units worldwide per version


Technical Details


  • Film: KONO! SUNSTROKE or MOONSTRUCK color negative

  • Exposure: 24

  • ISO: ISO 200

  • Flash: 1-3 meters

  • Development: C-41

  • Battery: 1 AA battery (included)


  • 全新預載兩種人手製特別底片,讓用家記下不同的情緒

  • 聯手德國底片公司 KONO! Film ,人手製作更具溫度

  • 以日和月為設計靈感,延續 I’M Fine 富美感而簡潔的風格

  • 自行承擔風險下,可重新上片




NINM Lab 於去年 11 月推出 I’M Fine 一次性相機,讓用家以最簡單易用的一次性菲林相機、紀錄當下的心情。全新預載兩種 KONO! 人手製特別負片 SUNSTROKE 及 MOONSTRUCK,帶來與別不同的拍攝效果,讓用家記下不同的情緒。


SUNSTROKE 版本為每張照片帶來隨機紅色漏光 (light leak) 效果,彷如不小心曝光了在陽光下,帶點調皮的同時,又保留了菲林原來的特性,讓初夏的每一個畫面都有意想不到的驚喜。而 MOONSTRUCK 版本則為照片帶來如月光下的藍調浪漫,懷舊而獨特藍黃色調就如迷離月光,讓用家放飛思緒。


不論在初夏狂歡的日子還是寂寞的一人時,最簡單、直接的一次性菲林相機,都可把你的思緒紀錄在有限的 24 張菲林上。每一下快門,都充滿著心的溫度。不用在意技巧和器材,最重要是凝住當下的心情。


每款全球限量 500 台。


聯手歐洲菲林公司 KONO! Film 、人手製作更具溫度


兩款人手製作的菲林 SUNSTROKE 及 MOONSTRUCK 由歐洲菲林公司 KONO! 製作。KONO! 由菲林界專家 Uwe Mimoun 主理,Uwe 擁有多年菲林生產經驗,曾為多家國際知名菲林公司工作,近日更幫助 Supersense 團隊成功重新擁出撕拉式即影即有底片。


曾於電影界工作的 Uwe 擅長以不同顏色配合電影的不同氣氛 ,亦以此概念生產不同的 KONO! 菲林。於維也納人手製造,以特別的物料加工,每款 KONO! 菲林都別具心思,更充滿手作的溫度。


以日和月為設計靈感,延續 I’M Fine 富美感而簡潔的風格


NINM Lab 一直着重給用家帶來富美感而簡潔的外裝設計,是次與 KONO! 合作的版本也不例外。SUNSTROKE 版本以代表太陽的紅色作為主調,圖案在打直看時便是太陽照射大地的模樣。MOONSTRUCK 版本則以代表藍月的藍色為主調,圖案打直看時為半彎的月亮高掛在水面上,浪漫極緻。


在相機的小細節上更是別具心意,機身上的使用指示將快門稱為 “Freeze a moment (凝住刹那)”; 底片剩餘數量稱為 “Remaining moment(s)(剩餘的刹那)”;閃光燈則是” Spark(火花)”。


I’M Fine 不只是一台一次性相機,它會成為你桌上的擺設,成為配飾的一部分,成為照片中的道具, 成為口袋中不可缺少,紀錄生活點滴的必需品。




富經驗的菲林用家更可在使用完預載的 KONO! 菲林後,自行購買其他 35mm 菲林重新為相機上片,繼續使用 I’M Fine 去紀錄不同的畫面。


同時,相機配備了內置閃燈(強度:1-3米距離),即使是使用 ISO 200 的菲林,用家不論在陰天、 室內、音樂會上同樣能拍出出色的照片。




  • 菲林:KONO! SUNSTROKE 彩色負片

  • 菲林數量: 24

  • 感光度:ISO 200

  • 閃光燈:1-3 米

  • 藥水:C-41 process

  • 電池:1 AA 電池(已包括在相機內)


*Expired* I’M Fine 35mm single use camera SUNSTROKE Special Edition

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