● A Collaboration with one of the most popular Hong Kong comic artists and illustrators - Little Thunder

● Record the current mood with the most user-friendly disposable film camera

● Preloaded with color negative films in warm tones


To celebrate the launch of Little Thunder's new comic book <WAKAME, WAVE and INFINITY>, NINM Lab teamed-up with Little Thunder on a special edition of I'M Fine Single Use Camera. This special editino is limited to 500 pieces.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Little Thunder is a comic artist and illustrator whose distinctive style has led her to become one of the best-known artists in Hong Kong today.




「可是,一直以來衝擊到我的,都是出色的漫畫。那是一股直往核心的衝擊,是電流滑過全身的熱血與感動。我想畫出讓人窒息的漫畫。」- 門小雷


於世界各地都擁有極具人氣、本地最具代表性的插畫家/漫畫家門小雷,繼 2012 年出版的《Kylooe》後,睽違六年推出漫畫單行本。《藻與浪與無限》是一個有關相愛相殺的無限輪迴故事。隨著小雷筆下顏料與墨水的氣韻變幻,直至純青。


小雷 11 歲時第一次投稿香港的漫畫雜誌,15歲便在「星島日報」上連載漫畫「SEED」,高中畢業後即開始職業生涯,作品魅力風靡世界,除了在香港、中國發表作品之外,也頻頻參加日本、台灣、新加坡、法國等地的設計創意相關活動。早前由日本玄光社出版第一本日版作品集《Sisterhood》,並於原宿知名插畫系藝廊 Galerie LE MONDE 舉辦個展「PEEK」,盛況空前。


隨著《藻與浪與無限》的發佈,除了將會舉行原稿展覽之外,更同步推出限量版 I’M Fine 一次性相機。是次限量版相機以小雷標誌性的螢光粉紅色及漫畫女主角藻為封面,相機機身及紙盒的每一面都有不同有關書中人物的插畫,極具心思。


I’M Fine 一次性相機門小雷《藻與浪與無限》版本限量 500 台,將於 9 月 19 日起《藻與浪與無限》展覽會場、Coffee & Laundry 及 NINM Lab 網上商店獨家發售。


Record the current mood with the most user-friendly disposable film camera


“I’M Fine.” 


An answer that may hide different emotions. When you say “I’m fine”, are you really fine? Or is there a secret sorrow? Some emotions cannot be easily expressed, so let the photos write down the mood of this moment.


When you are good or happy; When you are traveling; or When you are at a party friends, you should capture these wonderful moments and take some casual shots. Look back when you are tired, you have the motivation to move forward.


The most user-friendly disposable film camera, with the preloaded basic and fine color negative pink tone films, records your thoughts on a limited 36-sheet film. Every time you press the shutter, you photograph with great depth of feeling.. Don't care about your skills and equipment, the most important thing is to capture the mood of the moment.


Preloaded with color negative pink tone films


Pre-loaded with Kodak Color Plus color negative warm tone films which are popular among young users. I’M Fine means ‘meticulosity’. Compared with the market's one-time cameras with ISO 400-1600 degree high-speed films, ISO 200 color film can produce meticulous images.


Moreover, the camera is equipped with a built-in flash (strength: 1-3 meters distance), even with ISO 200 films, you can also take great pictures on cloudy days or indoors.



  • Loaded with Kodak Color Plus color negative film
  • Exposure : 36
  • ISO 200
  • 3m Flash
  • C-41 process
  • 1 AA battery required(included)

NINM Lab x Little Thunder 門小雷 - I'M Fine Singe Use Camera Special Edition

  • Each customer can buy only 2 pieces per order of I'M Fine Single Use Camera Little Thunder Limited Edition. Any orders exceeding the limit will be cancelled and a 10% handling fee will be incurred in the refund.

    每張訂單購買上限為 2 部門小雷特別版本,多於 2 部的訂單一律會被自動取消,扣除 10%手續費後退款。敬請留意。


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