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Transforming the traditional film camera into an instant camera, without any modifications!

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From ephemeral moment to tangible memory. 


What is Instant Magny 35?

  • Transforming the traditional film camera into an instant camera without any modifications
  • An unprecedented instant photography experience using your most reliable and familiar camera and lens
  • Innovative design allows you to carry or store it easily and freely
  • Discovering the real you
  • Utilizing the commonly used Fujifilm Instax Square instant film

Transforming the traditional film camera into an instant camera, without any modifications

From the beginning of the twentieth century until today, 135 Single Lens Reflex and Rangefinder cameras are dependable, lightweight, and leading technology in capturing countless classic images. Now, you can use Fujifilm Instax Square through the Instant Magny 35 in the decisive moment. The new camera accessory, the Instant Magny 35 Instant Back, enables you to use a 135 Single Lens Reflex and Rangefinder camera to capture instant photographs. It is specifically designed to capture images using film cameras without any modifications, bringing passionate photographers an unprecedented instant photography experience!

Capturing moments into solid images for eternity have charmed photographers of all generations. The Instant Magny 35, developed by NINM Lab, is compatible with over 30 most common models from 4 major brands of Single Lens Reflex and Rangefinder cameras. Let all passionate film photographers experience the feeling and control over images developing in five simple steps without modification to their cameras.

Unprecedented instant experience – Using your most reliable, familiar, and desirable camera lens

The Instant Magny 35 breaks through the limitations of instant cameras on the market and presents a brand new option to film camera users.

At the same time, photographers are no longer limited to fixed camera lenses. Any lens*** can be switched for another in the system based on the needs. Whether it is the shallow depth of field, close-up, or telephoto images, all are present in the instant film; satisfying the spontaneous moments of daily life or work-related necessities and inspiring unlimited creative ideas.

***For Leica version, not suggested to use lenses with very short back focal length

Innovative design allows you to easily and freely carry or store it

The 135 camera instant backs previously developed were not designed for general use. For example, the Speed Magny system introduced by Nikon in the 60s was not only bulky but also heavy. The Instant Magny 35 utilizes lightweight and sturdy engineering plastic and aluminum alloy. The use of these materials brings the total weight to 485 g (similar to the weight of an iPad), which is only a quarter of the weight of the Nikon Speed Magny (approximately 2 kg). As the weight is roughly the same as general zoom lenses, you can shoot easily without burden.

For convenience, the Instant Magny 35 uses a strong mechanical modular design. It is comprised of enlarging optics film back, aluminum lens barrel, and film ejection unit. These three components are connected by a bayonet mount, making it simple to assemble and disassemble in order to transport or store.

Discovering the real me – The Real Me

Seeing your image in a photograph is seeing from the others’ perspective. People tend to be more familiar with their image in the mirror, but seeing themselves in pictures is not . However, when you use the Instant Magny 35 to capture portraits, the subject will feel more intimate with the image because this is the true “you” that you see in the mirror every day.

Due to the focal plane of the Instant Magny 35 through a monolithic mirror, a mirror image is projected onto the Instax Square Instant film, which is the ideal result from the consideration of optical engineering and the process of product development. As a result, a familiar image of the subject can be captured as the photographer is taking portraits.

Utilizing the commonly used Fujifilm Instax Square instant film

A 24x24mm image is immediately enlarged onto the 62x62mm Fujifilm Instax Square film because of the Instant Magny 35’s optic scheme. With a suitable image size, 1:1 square film ratio, and amazing presentation of color, the Instant Magny brings the classic square photography experience to traditional cameras. Fujifilm Instax Square Instant film used within the Instant Magny is commonly used and purchased easily anywhere.

Compatibility of Cameras (by specific models):

  • Nikon version  – Nikon FM / FE / FM2 / FE2 / FA / FM3A
  • Leica version – Leica M3 / M2 / MD / MD-2/ M1 / M4 / M5 / M4-2/ M4-P / MA / *M6/ *M7 / *MP
    *Supports manual exposure only, does not support auto exposure or light metering mode
  • Olympus OM-1/ OM-1n/ OM-2/ OM-2n/ OM-2sp/ OM-3 (Ti)/ OM-4 (Ti)
  • Canon AE-1/ AE-1 Program/ AT-1/ A-1

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