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NINM Lab team is comprised of members from all over the world, including experienced product designers, engineers, and marketing consultants.

With “If you are romantic enough” as our philosophy, we are passionate about photography, music, coffee and products full of rich history. Many years of production experience has provided our team members with innovative product concepts, as well as the ability to turn imaginative concepts into reality.

Last year, NINM Lab launched the Instant Magny 35 through Kickstarter, which gained support from over 800 backers globally. 

NINM Lab released second product, I’M Fine disposable camera, last November. Through an easy-to-use 35mm film camera, users can capture emotions in the moment. In the short span of half a year, we received the support and trust of well-known individuals from different countries. We have had successful  collaborations with various famous parties, including Russian Red, the Spanish singer-songwriter; Hong Kong’s Storerooms X TAKERU MACHIDA, Japanese artist; and Taiwanese Eslite Bookstore X SOU・SOU, Kyoto’s trendy brand. More unexpected collaborations will be carried out later this year. 

In 2019, we released a music related product for the first time: IT’S OK Bluetooth cassette player. It thoughtfully brought back the romance of portable cassette tapes from the 80's, which received the support of over 900 backers worldwide.

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