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 In 2020, we are experiencing unprecedented deviation. The world has been halted and isolated, and routines in life overturned.

Everyday, we use our phones and computers to listen to music. while listening to a CD album has become a thing of the past. If one day, we are denied access to the Internet and streaming platforms, or if a song we all resonate with gets taken down...suddenly, we will realize the long lost beauty and importance of a CD album. 


NINM Lab is launching the new Long Time No See portable CD player equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. It allows you to freely enjoy the simple and direct experience of listening to a CD in different circumstances.


Long Time No See portable CD player has a built-in magnet. Besides laying on a flat surface, users can utilize vertical spaces to place it upright. The upper cover also includes a speaker, so users can share music with friends without using the Bluetooth 5.0 function.


On August 17, 1982, Philips released the world’s first CD album: The Visitors by ABBA. In 1984, the 100th anniversary of the phonograph, the world’s first portable CD player was launched. Unlike a cassette or vinyl record, there was no need to flip from side A to side B. One CD with a diameter of 120mm could record 74 minutes and 42 seconds of music. People were then able to experience uninterrupted music for the first time.


CDs gradually replaced cassettes and vinyls, and CD players began to accompany people at work, after class, and while traveling in the ‘90s. When a beloved singer released a new album, people rushed to record shops to bring it home, unwrap the packaging, and carefully look at the design. Put the CD into the player, press “PLAY”, take out the lyric book, and listen while reading it in detail. Without interruptions from notifications or voice messages, it is the pure enjoyment of music.

A CD is not only a CD. From the album cover, design of inner pages, lyric translations, to the production of the song, they are all the hard work of various producers. The weight and value of a CD album is irreplaceable. To this day, musicians continue to release various eye-catching CD albums, with each album being a love letter from the musician to fans. We can’t resist collecting the physical versions of songs and musicians we love.


Even when you continue to buy CDs, you will discover that no device at home can play it, as computers no longer include a CD drive. Long Time No See portable CD player allows you, once again, to simultaneously experience the auditory, tactile, and visual aspects of listening to a CD.


Besides using the typical 3.5mm headphones, Bluetooth headphones can be connected to the Long Time No See portable CD player equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. Whether one is on the bus, cooking, at work, or on the beach, the user can play their favorite songs when listening individually.

When you are at home or at a picnic, you can connect Long Time No See portable CD player to a Bluetooth speaker or stereo to play the music.  

Long Time No See portable CD player comes with a black top cover including a  speaker, which was carefully thought out. An additional speaker is not necessary, just turn off the Bluetooth and put on the speaker cover to continue the song and enjoy the beauty in being surrounded by music.   


In addition to different options for output, the compact portable CD body has a built in magnet. This thoughtful detail allows you to easily incorporate Long Time No See into the decoration of your home. You can stick the Long Time No See portable CD player on the refrigerator, bookshelf, metal cabinet, headboard, and various other locations freely.  

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