Get the Instant Magny 35 's enlarging optics film back! 



  • Nikon

    Nikon FM / FE / FM2 / FE2 / FA / FM3A
  • Leica

    Leica M3 / M2 / MD / MD-2/ M1 / M4 / M4-2/ M4-P / MA / *M6/ *M7 / *MP / M5
    *Supports manual exposure only, does not support auto exposure or light metering mode
  • Olympus

    Olympus OM-1/ OM-1n/ OM-2/ OM-2n/ OM-2sp/ OM-3 (Ti)/ OM-4 (Ti)
  • Canon

    CanonAE-1/ AE-1 Program/ AT-1/ A-1

Instant Magny 35 - Enlarging optics film back

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