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  • A new and upgraded version including stereo output for the romance of the 80’s cassette player
  • One cassette player, two possibilities
  • The iconic transparent case design, with a new semi-transparent matte body
  • Upgraded functions for more convenient use


 “IT’S OK”, only music can heal me.


Through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, NINM Lab launched the world’s first cassette player with Bluetooth 5.0 capability - IT’S OK. Like the cassettes of the 80’s, it is the simplest, most direct, and lightweight music device that responds to your inner thoughts. There’s nothing better than having the ability to choose your own music on hand.


Two years have passed, and we have experienced countless challenges but fortunately, we have companions replying “IT’S OK, TOO”. Let music heal you and give you courage to face the future during this difficult time.


We are all born to experience all the goods and bads. If you are experiencing the bitter part, it’s okay, too.


A new and upgraded version including stereo output for the romance of the 80’s cassette player


In the summer of 1979, the first portable cassette player of the world was introduced as the initial generation of personal music devices. It was the first time you could bring along your selection of music. That is the splendid 80’s era which people long for. Those were the days when music still had weight. As time passes, music has become digitalised, and the rise of music streaming platforms has made it more convenient. But a cassette tape is still romantic and unforgettable.


NINM Lab launched the first generation of IT’S OK Bluetooth cassette player in 2019, winning the support of music lovers. In response to the enthusiastic request, NINM Lab is bringing an upgraded version: IT’S OK TOO Bluetooth cassette player. In addition to the use of 3.5mm traditional headsets, Bluetooth 5.0 headphones or speakers are compatible as well. The second generation has been upgraded to stereo output, allowing users to enjoy a more beautiful, penetrating and gentle cassette sound without restraint.


One cassette player, two possibilities


This is a generation in which almost everyone owns a pair of Bluetooth headphones. IT’S OK TOO allows you to enjoy the sound of the 1980s with the most comfortable and accustomed Bluetooth headset when you need to be alone. You will no longer be limited by the 3.5mm wire. Whether you are on the bus, doing housework, or at work, you can listen anywhere and anytime.


You can connect IT’S OK TOO to a Bluetooth speaker to share music with you friends at a party, at home, or at the office.


IT’S OK TOO’s Bluetooth 5.0 function is not only compatible with devices which have lower Bluetooth speeds, but it can also increase the speed and transmission range. Compared with the previous generation of Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has a longer transmission distance and faster speed. Generally, the effective range is 300 meters, which allows the whole family or office to connect stably to the device. The fastest speed can reach 2Mbps, making Bluetooth devices with faster response and higher performance more likely to be used.


The iconic transparent case design, with a new matte body


The second generation IT’S OK TOO cassette player retains the iconic transparent case design of the first generation. The transparent cover allows the listener to show the cassette tape currently playing and integrates different colors and unique beauty of a cassette tape as part of the device. Continuing the 80’s design concept, the body is a semi-transparent matte material, with a bright yellow or subtle black and white color to create a retro style. IT’S OK TOO has three color options: yellow, white, and black.


Upgraded functions for more convenient use


The second generation IT’S OK TOO Bluetooth cassette player has upgraded stereo output so users can enjoy better sound quality. It now includes a charging function as well. Users can use AA batteries or rechargeable batteries, which can be charged using USB-C as a more environmentally friendly option. Additionally, it can be used with USB-C without batteries on hand, satisfying gthe needs of different users.



  • External 3.5mm Earphone Jack Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Function
  • Control Buttons (Play, Stop, Backward, Forward)
  • Stereo Audio Output
  • Classic belt clip
  • Power Requirements: 1. 2 x “AA” batteries DC 3V or USB-C jack supply, 5V 800MA
    *Please use USB-A to USB-C Cable 
  • USB C charging AA Ni-MH batteries (rechargeable battery only, not included)
  • Batteries charging time (refer to 2x IKEA Ladda 2450): 2-3 hours (First time charging 5 hours)
  • Power consumption (refer to 2x IKEA Ladda 2450): up to 6-8 hours with Bluetooth function.
  • Weight: approximate 152g (without batteries)
  • Size: 118mm x 84mm x 33.5mm
  • Only support type I cassette tapes

IT'S OK TOO Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Cassette Player

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